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Truck Schedule

March 23rd, 2023
4:00-8:00 PM

Unmapped Brewing Co.

March 24th, 2023
4:00-8:00 PM

AEGIR Brewing Company

March 26th, 2023
2:00-6:00 PM

AEGIR Brewing Company

March 27th, 2023
4:00-8:00 PM

AEGIR Brewing Company

March 31st, 2023
4:00-8:00 PM

Garphish Brewing Company

April 1st, 2023
11:00-3:00 PM

AEGIR Brewing Company

April 3rd, 2023
4:00-8:00 PM

OMNI Brewing Co.

April 5th 2023
10:00-1:00 PM

Maple Grove Car Auction

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About Us

Let's Go!

Griddle on the Go is the brainchild of Rob Aiello -- a grill veteran from some of the most highly regarded bar & grills in the northwest metro, Rob is bringing his love of hearty, down-home flavors wherever you are!

Serving hungry eaters in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area, we’re continuously changing our location and serving amazing food, especially -- Phillys and Burgers!

Find us hitting the streets, where we’re making sure your food comes out quick and tastes delicious. Whether you’ve got time to stick around or you’re just coming to grab an on-the-go bite to eat, we got you covered. Stop on by at one of our locations!

Contact Us

15231 Germanium Circle NW
Ramsey, MN 55303


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